It is hard to compare these two works, New Wave and A History of Cuban Dance, because they are so in theme. New Wave is a dual monolog about a couples more intimate relationship while A History of Cuban Dance is essentially a short documentary about the development of dance in Havana. What I want to talk about, because I feel it really helps us as new travelers in this realm of 360 video, is what I feel was successful. By successful I simply mean what made me want to stay in the world being presented.


New Wave: The main star of this piece was the dynamic sound they created. It not only helped divide the stage and thus add depth to the short piece, it allowed the viewer to define the experience more than simply choosing what to look at. Since most shots are still camera tripod shots, with no movement, holding the experiencer to a spot is a real disadvantage. Dynamic sound incentivizes the view to interact with the atmosphere more than simply visuals.


A History of Cuban Dance: This work made it difficult not to have the “voyeur” issue we have continually spoken of, however, the complimentary textures, colors and blocking of this piece made every shot enjoyable. A lot of thought went into setting the camera in a heavily detailed and unique setting, so a real spectrum of the city is viewable. What I took away from this piece was not of dance, but a romantic visage of Havana.


-Question: is this a medium for movement? Can one relate with a narrative character in movement? Did the dynamic sound help simulate a sense of experiential movement?