The handling of space and overall aesthetic design in “6×9” is successful, in my option. How we begin our experience on the bed to then float up and across the room really place us in this theoretical space and cultivate an intimacy between us and the cell, which is essentially the goal of the piece, that is, to make us have a visceral kinship with the people that are forced to physically live and experience the cell. Using the text to define the walls drew a direct parallel to what the walls represent and how they come about in the reality that this work is mimicking. Furthermore, the font, color tone and timing of the script do not distract, but rather, solidify the texts role. These elements, I believe, were very thought out and helped to engender the feeling of isolation built from time and obscurity.


The element I feel was lacking, and this might be an issue with Youtube or my choice to experience this work on an iPhone, was the use of sound. I feel a more dynamic sound could help further isolate the viewer.


This makes me think about a conversation we had in class about where does the sound feel like it is coming from when not installed via 360 sound editing software. We spoke about voices that seem to come from the left an right and even in our own head while experiencing a piece. The “in our own head” aspect would fit quite well into the concept of “6×9”, so a complete 360 sound experience is not needed. But when the experiencer moves, hears other inmates speak and with the door of the cell slams, I feel placing those sounds would further situated the experiencer and add to this since of isolation.


Strong piece.