The video I chose to write about for this week is My Visit to the DMZ, created by Christoph Niemann and published by the New York Times.


My interest in this work comes from the fact that it is a 360 world created from drawn images and I am currently playing with how to incorporate my prints into a 360 world.


Niemann’s images are whimsical and do a really good job of setting the viewer in space. The final shot, we actually sit in his lap as he jots images down for later use. I would be really interested to find out how he composed these images, because I cannot image it was as easy as drawing on a 16:9 ratio piece of paper and simply stretching and wrapping the image. The way that figurers and objects cross over and under makes any 2D drawing platform seem unlikely. I tried researching, but came up shot with really any info about the process of the work.


The shots we long and provided enough time to look around the packed space Niemann created. I truly believe slow shots are a key to successful VR pieces, at least at this stage.